Boats We Sail

The club boat that most members have is the US12. And that is the primary boat we sail on Monday's. Most members also own Soling's which is the most popular boat in the AMYA. There are some members with EC12's; CR914's' Canterbury J's and other various classes of boats. As our Mission statement proclaims all classes are welcome to come sail with us.


The US12 is one of the primary boats we sail on Monday afternoons. This one-design yacht is 46 inches long weighs 

in at 16 pounds and carries 714 square inches of sail. Go to 

our links page and click US12 for more information.

Soling One Meter

The Soling One Meter would be another boat to consider. This is also a one-design model yacht. This model is 39 inches long weighs in at 10 pounds and has 600 square inches of sail. This model is more prone to weeds due to its configuring of its keel and rudder. Go to our links page and click Soling1m for more info.


The EC12 is one-design model yacht. A beautiful sailing model that is 59 inches long weighs in at 24 pounds and carries 1200 square inches of sail. Go to our links page and click for more info.


The CR-914 is a one-design model yacht. Based on original design of the International America's Cup Class. It measures in at 914millimeters (36inches), weighing in at 6.25 pounds and carrying 549 square inches of sail. Go for more information.


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