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Boats We Sail

The Greater Worcester Model Yacht Club's Mission Statement clearly welcomes all model boats.  However, most of our member sail the: DF95, DF65, Soling, CR914, US12 Meter and EC12 Meter. In past years, we have generally sailed on Monday afternoons, however, we are currently surveying our Membership to see whether another day might be more convenient as a group.  In any case, all members are welcome to sail any time or day throughout the week at our new venue on Indian Lake (see "Location" above).



The DF95 and it sister the DF65 are the most popular new entries in our club.  These multi-rigged boats, excel in a large range of wind conditions. As Restricted One-Design boats, skippers will be putting their sailing skills to the test not their wallet. They promise close and exciting racing in an affordable and easily maintained design. [1]

Soling One Meter

The Soling One Meter would be another boat to consider. This is also a one-design model yacht, beautifully ballanced and easy to sail. This model is 39 inches long weighs in at 10 pounds and has 600 square inches of sail. Link to 3DRCBoats to check out almost-ready race kits.


The CR-914 is a one-design model yacht. Based on the original design of the International America's Cup Class. It measures in at 914 millimeters (36inches), weighs in at 6.25 pounds and carrys 549 square inches of sail. The photo to the left is from



This one-design yacht is 46 inches long weighs in at 16 pounds and carries 714 square inches of sail. Go to our links page and click US12 for more information.
The EC12 is also a one-design model yacht. A beautiful sailing model that is 59 inches long weighs in at 24 pounds and carries 1200 square inches of sail. For more information, EC12 is the link.
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