2019 Schedule

We begin gathering around 2:30 PM (Spring/Summer) or 1:00PM (Fall) and start sailing at the island site about a half hour later.

We sail until: it gets too dark, it becomes too cold, the wind dies or we do.

We are currently sailing from the beach in early Spring then the ‘Judges Stand’ on the little island between the Sailing Program Boathouse and the bridge.  Drive SLOWLY behind the boathouse and straight ahead, parking close to the small crew boat shed on top of the little hill.  There is a small bridge to get you onto the island and to launch boats.  Sailing activity on Monday is NOT restricted to those classes listed below.  The club policy is to ”Sail what you brung”.  We do not conduct formal racing or ‘Points’ series.  All of our Mondays are Fun Days.  ‘Guest Boats’ are available.  In general we tend to sail the Soling 1m’s and CR-914’s earlier in the season and the US-12’s and full keel boats later due to some weed problems beginning in July.  Marks are in the water and we just happen to go around them, or not!




Monday January 4th                            2nd Winter Meeting

February 1st                                        3rd Winter Meeting

March 7th                                            4th Winter Meeting

March 28th                                          Informal (Sailing from the beach ’til island is ready)               

Monday April 2 nd                                 Soling 1m           

Sunday  April 09th                               US12

Monday April 16th                                CR914

April 23                                               US12

April 30                                               Open to any Class                  

May 06th                                            CR-914

May 13th                                             DF95 and CR914

May 20th                                           Soling and US12

May 27th                                             No Sailing  -  Memorial Day (Needham)                                      

Monday June 3rd                                 DF95 and CR914

June 10th                                            US-12

June 17th                                            CR-914

June 24th                                            US12                          

 July  1st                                          No sailing

 July 08th                                           No saili ng

July 15th                                           No sailing

July 22th                                             No sailing

July 28th                                              No sailing

August 5th                                          No sailing

August 12th

August 19th                                       No sailing

August 286th                                         No sailing

Monday September 02                       Labor Day Open, Needham (Soling 1m)          

September 09th                                   US-12  

September 16th                                   US12

September 23th                                   US-12                                                  

September 30th                                   US-12

October 07th                                       US12

October 14th                                       US12

October 21st                                       DF95 and CR914

October 28th                                       Soling and US12

Informal Mondays, 1 – 4 PM, weather permitting, thru Thanksgiving or longer.


US12 - 13, 

Soling1m - 5, 

CR914 - 5, 

Open- 6